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MBA Corps 

Creators of Economic Opportunity (C.E.O.s)

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The Idea:  Become an adjunct member of a small businessí staff.  Complete a substantial project, assist in its implementation, and then stay onboard as a consultant.

Example:  In Harlem, a carpenter who sells small wooden products is struggling to grow her/his business. 

First Step:  Through simple market research, an MBA Corps Consultant discovers and helps the carpenter understand that there is a greater demand for large items, such as bed frames and tables, driven by gentrification.

Next Step:  The MBA Corps Consultant assists the carpenter in developing and implementing a business plan to meet this demand.  This plan includes a discussion of the multiple ways this change in strategy will affect the carpenter.

Result:  The carpenterís business grows 200% over two years, during which time he hires two additional employees.  The carpenter also joins the local merchants association, which installs improved street lighting and hires an additional security professional in the neighborhood.

Clearly, this is not rocket science;  thatís the point.  However, helping the carpenter understand how this change impacts every part of her/his business is key to the carpenterís success.

Small business owners are time and resource constrained.  They often do not step back and consider how to grow their business.  They are shackled to the cash register or day-to-day operations and donít have the time to analyze and implement changes to their business.

When small businesses grow, poverty recedes.  Implementing the strategy can result in increased sales.  Local residents can now support a merchant in their neighborhood ensuring that dollars will not flow out of the area and will instead be invested in the betterment of the neighborhood.